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Beyond Tinting: The Art of Automotive Preservation.

Optical Clarity

Ultraviolet Protection

Sleek Appearance

Thermal Comfort

X-Films Nano-Ceramic Tint Advanced window solution combining nano-technology for superior UV protection, thermal comfort, and a sleek appearance. Elevate your space and drive with X-Films.

Civic E70 2_edited.jpg
Fortuner GR 1.jpg

Where top-tier nano-ceramic technology meets 99% Infrared and UV resistance.

Ultimate shield for your vehicle against scratches and contaminants. Maintain pristine paintwork with lasting brilliance from X-Films.

Ultraviolet Protection

Scratch Resistance

Pristine Paintwork

Long-lasting Brillance

Hydrophobic Protection

Self-Healing Capabilities

Porsche GT3.jpg
Porsche 2.jpg

A decade of dazzling protection. Defend your vehicle with our durable film designed to last.

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